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Frequently asked questions

1. Which devices does Proxpro Prompt work on?

Prompt works on nearly all Blackberry devices in the USA and is coming to Europe soon too. Prompt may not work on some T-Mobile phones in the USA. Prompt or Prompt CrossPathz will be provisioned for other devices soon. If you would like to receive news of when Prompt will be available for your device email Proxpro at providing your mobile phone brand, model, carrier and country.

2. What is the "when to leave" screen?

All you need to know about your next journey at a glance! The "when to leave" screen is automatically activates 30 minutes before the latest departure time for an event in your Blackberry calendar. Proxpro compares your current location with the time and location of your next appointment, analyses three alternative routes presents the fastest route (allowing for real-time and predicted traffic), and displays the "when to leave" screen. The "when to leave" screen is "pushed" to your mobile home page. If you choose you can "snooze" the "when to leave" screen and 5 minutes before your departure deadline it will display again. A countdown alarm, a green and red bar, illustrates the journey time to your destination in red, and the time between now and your latest departure time, in green (the cushion). As time elapses the green portion of the bar will shrink, and the red portion of the bar will fluctuate according to real-time and predicted traffic conditions on your route. A green icon depicts your start location; a red icon your destination. The time of your appointment is in the top right hand corner, the time now in the top left hand corner. Current traffic on adjacent roads is displayed and color coded according to current speed of flow. Incidents (red squares) and construction (green squares) are also displayed on your route. There are 5 soft keys at bottom of the screen" Navigator, get route, previous, next, and incidents.

The Navigator soft key activates voice turn-by-turn directions solutions AAAMobile, VzNavigator or Gokivo. (separate subscription required) – see below for more details. "Get route" gives you text directions, travel time and distance; previous and next soft keys can be used to toggle through directions; Incidents give more detail about incidents.

3. How does Prompt determine start locations?

Your time is your single most important resource. Our design aim was to answer all your trip planning needs clearly, instantly, precisely and automatically. To minimize your input Prompt uses proprietary algorithms and logic to determine your start location.

4. What if the start location or destination location is wrong?

You can check the assumptions about start location and destination location by clicking the subject line in the Prompt cal. If the start location is incorrect scroll down click "edit" next to the location entry. Immediately previous locations or locations specified in your preferences become visible. Scroll the curser down and click as appropriate. You may want to add an address, simply move the cursor down to "Find" enter the address press menu click select address. Then press back and save. Prompt will automatically recalculate all travel / weather information and update the Prompt Cal. Alternatively you may wish to use an address from the BlackBerry contact address book. Scroll down to "Find" enter the first name or last name or both of the contact and click the "track ball". Wait a few moments while Prompt searches contacts presents a name. Click on the name and the address will appear in the start or destination location field. Click "back" and save. If the start location is in correct, for the pushed "when to leave" screen, select menu | LocateMe and you can choose an alternative start location or enter a new start location.

5. While on route can I use Proxpro Prompt to check I am going to arrive on-time?

Yes, this is a really useful feature. Even thinking you might be late is an uncomfortable feeling. When you embark on your journey, Proxpro realizes you have started moving and checks the road ahead for traffic every minute. It updates your position and the green portion of the bar, the cushion, fluctuates according to the number of minutes you will arrive early for your meeting. Users keep this screen running right up until their arrival. Some old BlackBerry devices do not readily update GPS data.

6. I see the "when to leave" screen, how do I snooze it?

The "when to leave" screen appears 30 minutes before your latest departure time. You may like to keep an eye on it, or snooze it or switch it off. To snooze the screen press menu | snooze. The screen will reappear once 5 minutes before your latest departure time. To switch it off for this engagement select the "menu" to the left of the "trackball" and press exit. To use other applications, but be able to return to the "When to leave" screen, press the red "end" key, then press the Prompt icon when you need Prompt again.

7. My meeting time has changed, how do I update Proxpro?

Simple. Go into your BlackBerry native calendar and update the time of your meeting, save it and Proxpro will immediately update you when to leave screen.

8. How does Proxpro pick the route?

Proxpro analyses 3 routes and chooses the optimum before presenting it on the screen to you. As you get closer to your destination the magnification automatically increases, until you arrive. Some BlackBerry devices may not readily update location.

9. I've heard GPS drains the battery on BlackBerry's, how will Proxpro reduce battery performance?

You are correct, with most GPS applications you need to watch out for battery drain. However while designing the application we realized this was an important issue. Proxpro uses about 5% of battery resource of turn-by-turn navigation. From my experience you will not notice incremental battery drain.

10. Why do some items in Proxpro Prompt Cal not have weather icons adjacent to the event entry?

The Proxpro Prompt calendar displays only one calendar week's events, from the current day forward for 7 days. If there is no location, or an invalid location, in the BlackBerry native calendar event's location field, then Prompt will not give weather or relevant travel information. See above for convenient ways to add start and destination addresses.

11. What is a valid location?

A valid location includes street address, city and state. Proxpro does some nifty language recognition, so you do not need to enter zip code or house number.

12. What is MyCommute and how does it work?

MyCommute is an easy way to check traffic on your daily commute, personalized to your location and the time when you like to arrive at work, or at home, in the evenings. By default MyCommute is switched off. You can activate MyCommute either when you first download Proxpro, during set up, or my selecting menu | preferences. By entering your home and work addresses, and the preferred time of arrival, Proxpro will automatically check the road ahead for unusual traffic conditions and 30 minutes before your latest departure time present the fastest route and travel time needed. This also works for your commute back home in the evenings.

13. How can I tell the travel time for a future trip?

A very convenient feature of Prompt is that you can check the route, predicted traffic, weather, travel time and estimated departure time for future events by clicking the time corresponding to the future event. If anything changes Prompt is the easy way to check your assumptions.

14. How does the Navigator work?

May be you've forgotten the way, or just need the directions for the last few miles. Prompt makes it easy to flip to voice directions simply click the "navigator" soft key on the "when to leave" screen, this will activate voice directions. The best thing is that the device knows where you are going so you don't need to enter the address. Proxpro Prompt is partnered with TCS VzNavigator and Telenav, the leading mobile navigation companys. Prompt supports Telenav, VzNavigator, AAAMobile and GoKivo. A separate paid subscription is required to use the navigator.

15. I shall be travelling abroad, will Proxpro work for me?

No. Proxpro is switched off if your time zone is outside US time zones.

16.How do I unsubscribe from Proxpro?

If you wish to unsubscribe, go to Settings | Options | advanced options | applications | highlight Prompt – menu | delete.